Camp Details

This Summer's Amazing Performance will be......

The Odd Odyssey of Odysseus

~ Calling All Young Actors Ages 9 to 14 ~

2022 Camp Dates: Monday, August 1st - Friday, August 5th 9:00 am - 3:00 pm

Matinee Performance: Saturday August 6th @ 2:00 pm - The Backdoor Theater in Nederland, Colorado

Week at a glance:

Monday through Thursday ~ Camp will take place on our 6 acre property near Magnolia and Pine Glade. These days will be filled with theater games, learning lines, building and painting sets, making costumes and acting on our outdoor stage! Actors will need to bring a sack lunch, water bottle, sun hat, sunscreen and a rain jacket each day. Please wear clothes that are okay to get dirty.

On Friday ~ Camp will take place at The Backdoor Theater Stage located in the Nederland Community Center from 9:00 to 3:00. This day will be dedicated to set installation and dress rehearsal. Students will need to have black leggings and a black t-shirt. Kayla Evans will likely be co-directing with us on this day. Please bring a sack lunch and water bottle.

The culminating performance will take place on Saturday at The Backdoor Theater. All actors will need to arrive an hour and a half before the show for make-up and costumes. Matinee Performance @ 2:00 pm. Everyone is welcome and tickets are free!

About the play: The Odd Odyssey of Odysseus

This year's summer camp will perform The Odd Odyssey of Odysseus. This play has a little of everything! There will be sword fighting, magical sorcery, cyclops, trickery and adventure! It is sure to make the young actor fall in love with theater for a lifetime!

The Odyssey is an adventure story that sprang from the oldest of all love stories and the oldest of all war stories. How do we know this story that was told and retold thousands of years ago? A blind poet called Homer is said to have first recounted two long poems called The Iliad and The Odyssey, a very long time ago, about 750 BCE. His epic poems are the first Greek writings to survive through the ages.

Homer lived near the Mediterranean sea and his people loved to hear about adventurous sea journeys and stories of warriors who battled against great odds and won. This is the tale of the bravest and craftiest warrior of them all, Odysseus, and his long journey home from the most famous battle ever, the Trojan war.